Product Management Services

Product Strategy

Integro supports companies with the review & upgrade their overall product strategy to ensure that they are positioned to meet the projected future needs of their customers in the coming 3 – 5 years with sustainable & profitable product & service propositions.

Key to the overall product strategy is to ensure it is aligned with the rest of the business e.g. Marketing & Sales, IT & Operations, Finance & Risk.

Customer & Market Insight
Integro can help inform business strategy and investment decisions in relation to new product & proposition development, based on:

  • Customer needs analysis to determine current & future behaviours.
  • Segmentation analysis based on contribution / profitability / lifetime value.
  • Market analysis to ensure viable market opportunities exist.
  • Competitor analysis to determine their strategies capabilities & to ensure your
    products better meet customer needs than your competitors.

Framework tools & processes to help companies prioritise & manage new product ideas including product enhancements & compliance / regulatory changes from idea generation, viability assessment through to business case, development & launch.

New Product Development

Customer propositions and experience defined and delivered based on clear Customer & Market insight & understanding.

Not just about meeting current customer needs but includes “Visioning” of future needs to ensure competitive advantage is sustained into the future.

Annual Product Planning
Development of comprehensive Product plans incorporating financial, channel and segment objectives to ensure alignment across all business functions including operational capacity through to the level of sales effort required.

Comprehensive planning tools which take account of the strategic requirements through to the tactical activities.

Inside out & outside in thinking to ensure customer voice is embedded within the plan and across the business.

Product Marketing Campaigns
Working with the Marketing team to ensure each proposition is effectively delivered and communicated to the desired target customer segments and to ensure internal communication is effective.

Team Selection & Development
Psychometric assessment of individuals / team members  – to ensure you have the right people in the right roles – based on pre-defined role profiles which take account of required competencies, skills, experience and aptitude of your people for the required roles.

This can include benchmarking of your existing team to identify development needs as well as assessing new candidates prior to recruitment.

Governance Framework
Given the regulatory environment in which all business must now operate it is critical to have a robust Product Management Governance foundation in place which covers Policies, Procedures, Document Control, Legal & Compliance, Product Reviews, Templates, Tools & Performance Metrics.